how sweet it is…

cupcakes may not seem like something a nutritionist would be talking about, but as a holistic nutritionist, I believe we have to have balance in all parts of our life. there is definitely a time and a place for a cupcake – and these cupcakes are special. the cupcakes themselves are from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World, by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero, and they are awesome! the frosting however, that is my creation – a standard buttercream recipe, but colored with herbs. as a promoter of natural alternatives, I love the idea of using herbs as coloring instead of commercial dyes. instead of maybe getting a headache, having an allergic reaction, or worse from commercial dyes, why not use something that’s side effects may include cancer prevention and an increase in vitality?

This Wednesday February 7, I will be doing a presenation on herbs as food coloring at the Women’s Culinary Network dinner in Toronto. Stay tuned for a recap and hopefully some pictures after the event.

3 thoughts on “how sweet it is…

  1. What a fantastic idea Cordelia! I LOVE it! Great concepts for kids like my one niece in particular who gets rashes easily- possibly from additives and dyes in food. Do you hold cooking classes to teach people how to do this themselves?

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