Farmer’s Daughter saved my butt

So, on the day of the Women’s Culinary Network dinner, I was frantically baking and frosting multiple rounds of cupcakes, and also had to prepare a dish for the dinner. I was making edamame dip, and realized I forgot to buy cilantro. My husband was out with the car, and it was freezing cold outside. I started to panic. Before I got too crazy, I thought – “Hey, Farmer’s Daughter is just down the street, and they always have fresh herbs, and that’s not far enough for me to freeze to death if I walk.” So I called them, and they said they had cilantro in their KITCHEN they could give to me. Not that they had it out for sale, but they would sell it to me, if I didn’t need that much. Now that is what I call service. I scurried over, got a nice bunch of cilantro for a dollar, and scurried home, and made the edamame dip. So this is an official THANK YOU to Farmer’s Daughter for being one of the best food stores around, and saving my butt on a cold day.

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