the power of the word “real”

The other day, I heard a radio ad for a fast-food chain, pushing the fact that their broccoli and cheese sauce baked potato was made in a “real” oven.

That scared me a little bit, and I couldn’t put my finger on why, until I visited their website and looked up the ingredients in their cheese sauce. Basically, they have to use a concept like “real oven” to hook a listener, because they certainly can’t say “real” about their food.

How scary is it when the only way left to promote your food product is to say “real oven”. (is there such a thing as a “fake” oven? oh thank you fast food chain for not using the fake oven)

I hope other people have a similar reaction when they hear the ad – and don’t stop there. If it disturbs you, go to the website, look at the ingredients, and then don’t buy the product. Last time I looked, “real” food (like cheese) didn’t have an ingredient list that had about 50 items, and included things like food dyes and artificial flavours.

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