speaking of lemon…


The other day I was in the store, loitering in the natural foods section, and was scanning the protein and meal replacement bars. I happened to notice the lemon Larabar, and thought – hey wouldn’t it be a neat idea to do a taste test of some lemon bars, since my company’s name is Lemon Holistic? The other one which caught my eye was the Luna Lemonzest bar. So, the candidates were chosen, and I promptly went home to try them out.

larabar.JPGFirst up was Larabar. WOW – right away I could smell real lemons, and I liked the look of the texture. Now, I have had both Larabars and Luna bars before, just not these flavours. On my first bite, I was impressed by the feel of the bar, almost like a kind of soft grahamy pie crust sensation. And the lemon flavour was very good – bright and citrusy.

luna.JPGNext was Luna. Not much smell, texture looked fun with the rice crispies, and there was a layer of white, which looked like yogurt coating on the bottom. After biting into it, I wondered where exactly the lemon taste was – there was a hint of a kind of muted lemon candy flavour. I inspected the bar more closely and saw there were little pieces of lemon jelly (like those fruit slices candy you can get) here and there.

The Luna bar is considered to be more of a nutritional supplement snack, as it has a lot of added vitamins and minerals, has 10 g of protein – but it has quite a bit of soy in it, plus added sweetener (brown rice syrup, evaporated cane juice).

The Larabar has a similar calorie count, has 5 g of protein, and NO sodium, and a higher fat content (mostly good fat). The most impressive thing about Larabar, is their ingredient list:


I have been in awe of this company for quite a while now, for the fact that they have managed to make a product with so few ingredients, and it tastes GREAT. Trust me when I say, I have had many, many protein/meal replacement/snack bars, and the Larabar has the best texture and taste of all the ones I have tried. It is truly “real food”. And to top it off, they have a line of chocolate snack bars called jocolat, which are also out of this world.

It is funny how the world works. This past weekend, when I worked at the Holistic Expo in Toronto, I got to meet David, one of the first Larabar team members, all the way up here from Denver, Colorado. We had a great conversation, and he gave me lots of samples (after I gushed to him about how much I love and respect his company). Larabar is truly in a league of their own in my opinion, and I hope you give them a try – my most recent tasting was of the cinnamon roll bar – equally amazing taste. They have a great website larabar.com where you can see their whole product line up and read the amazing story behind this company.

Luna and Clif bars are what I would consider second best as far as the snack bars go, after Larabar.

If you want to share your Larabar or Luna experiences, please leave me a comment!

4 thoughts on “speaking of lemon…

  1. Hi Cord,

    I’m addicted to your blog already. I’m so glad to see another entry. Is there some kind of illegal additive you’re employing and not telling us about to keep us coming back?

    It’s just so wonderful joining you while you show us how to make the work of discovering what is good for us to eat engaging, tasty and fun.


  2. Thanks for introducing me to Larabars! They sound great. I’ve checked out their website and was pleased to see that they are gluten and dairy free so that makes them okay for me!


  3. Hi Heidi –

    Larabars are awesome, you will love them! Especially when you need to be careful what ingredients you are eating, it’s nice to know there are great products out there, for some variety!

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