morning lemon (new weekly feature!)

lemonslice.jpgHi there! It’s a bright sunny morning – the perfect time to launch this new weekly feature. One weekday morning I will post something about lemon. It might be a recipe, a fun fact, a nutrition tip, or even a movie review. All things lemon are up for consideration.

As today is the very first morning lemon post, the topic is the title. I work out at the gym 3 times a week, and need some serious beats to get me through. One of my favorite tracks is “Morning Lemon” by The Chemical Brothers. If you would like to hear a short sample, you can listen on – it’s the 5th track on disc 2. I’d love to know your favorite gym-mix songs, or any songs you like which are lemony!

So if you have any thoughts or facts about “lemon” you would like to share, please leave a comment, or drop me a line at


the circle of life


The sky is piercing blue, the sun is warming the earth. Things are changing – renewal is in the air. Every second holds the possibility of birth, and death. A fresh new blossom will have its brief shining moment before naturally withering to go on to its next calling, of nourishing the earth so once again, a new blossom can arrive. The circle is never broken.

Go outside, and relish the air, the sun, the sky, and all the fresh new buds which will be bursting open this weekend. When they fall, mourn them, but only for a time.

You will see them again. Good bye my friend…

Herbie, Dec 24, 1992 – April 18, 2007

welcome LARABAR fans!

Good morning to LARABAR fans, regular readers, and anyone who has stumbled across my blog today. You may be here because I am LARABAR’s new fan of the day! I am extremely proud to have been profiled by such an amazing company. If you are someone who has not tried a LARABAR, I suggest you read a bit about their story, and then try one! If you have had other “natural” snack and sports bars, there is really no comparison in my opininon.

I wanted to share my favorite LARABAR flavour with you – I suppose it is no real surprise that it is lemon. Another one of my favorites is cinnamon roll, and of course chocolate coconut. The new key lime pie flavour is also to die for. If anyone has tried the pistachio, I would love to hear your comments, as I have not tried it yet.

Why don’t you leave me a comment and tell me your favorite LARABAR flavour?

I hope you have a great day, and I look forward to more LARABAR adventures.

sometimes, you just need a little pink

pink.jpgIt is April 13, and this morning in Toronto it was snowing. Gray has been the predominant colour for awhile, and today I decided I really needed something pink. When I saw these flowers, I knew I had to have them. Looking at their vibrant perky faces instantly lifts my mood, no matter how gray it is outside. Since I have brought them home, I have seen the sun peek out a few times. We’re ready for you spring!

wishing you a colourful Easter, naturally!

I have fond memories of Easter as a child, most notably of chocolate egg-hunting in the backyard with my Father. He would walk alongside me, drop an egg behind a bush when I wasn’t looking and then excitedly say “Oh look, there’s one!” Thanks Dad.

People who know me know that I am still like a kid at heart. I love to have fun, enjoy treats, and celebrate. As a nutritionist, that can be difficult to rationalize, but I have been working on ways to indulge, and feel good about it. I love to bake, and have been experimenting with natural ingredients, including herbal food colouring. Now that Easter is here, it’s the perfect time to have some more fun with this.

all-lined-up.jpg after.jpg

We’ve all seen them, the little mini-cupcakes in the grocery store’s bakery section, topped with colourful frosting, just begging to be eaten up. Unfortunately, commercial food colouring has been linked to many unpleasant things like allergies, ADHD, and even cancer. As good as they look, I would much rather make my own cupcakes , with high quality natural ingredients, and top them with naturally-coloured frosting. Why take a chance with artificial dyes, when herbs can look just as good, and give you nice things like enhanced immunity, pain-relief and protection from cancer? Just look at how cute they are! And there’s no funky herbal taste either. The yellow cupcakes are flavoured with lemon juice and zest, while the pink were supposed to be grapefruit, but need some more work (they still taste good!)

By using ingredients like unbleached flour, organic cane sugar, and aluminum-free baking powder, you can control the quality of your cupcake, decreasing the potential harm this little treat could do to your body. Turmeric and beetroot, the herbs I used for colouring, are readily available, so do not feel intimidated. Just mix some herb powder with water and add a little bit to your frosting, and watch the colour develop. It’s a lot of fun, and you will feel great using natural ingredients.

As a side note, you can also use foods to dye eggs for Easter. There is a lot of info available online about this, and trying it out was really interesting. I learned that eggs boiled with beet, but then rinsed in water actually turn beige, and eggs boiled with red cabbage turn blue. Who knew?

eggbowl.jpg If you have any recipe questions, or tips on cupcakes or egg-dying, please leave me a comment, or email me.

Happy Easter!

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