sometimes, you just need a little pink

pink.jpgIt is April 13, and this morning in Toronto it was snowing. Gray has been the predominant colour for awhile, and today I decided I really needed something pink. When I saw these flowers, I knew I had to have them. Looking at their vibrant perky faces instantly lifts my mood, no matter how gray it is outside. Since I have brought them home, I have seen the sun peek out a few times. We’re ready for you spring!

4 thoughts on “sometimes, you just need a little pink

  1. Hi Sacred Suzie,

    Thanks for the comment! Yes, hopefully spring is planning something really good for us, that’s why it’s taking so long 🙂 haha. I saw the pink flowers on your blog. I am jealous!

  2. We hit 90 degrees here last week and I was wishing I was in Toronto with you! I was beginning to think Spring skipped right over us and jumped right into summer then we had 2 nights in the upper 40’s! You never can tell what Mother Nature has in store. I love the pink flowers, I have some growing right out my front door that I frequently cut and bring in to brighten the house up!

  3. Hi Stends,

    I have my fingers crossed for this weekend, as it supposed to be 20 celsius, or 68 farenheit. woohoo! That will feel like summer to us. I wish I was there with you, and not just for the weather! 🙂


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