morning lemon (new weekly feature!)

lemonslice.jpgHi there! It’s a bright sunny morning – the perfect time to launch this new weekly feature. One weekday morning I will post something about lemon. It might be a recipe, a fun fact, a nutrition tip, or even a movie review. All things lemon are up for consideration.

As today is the very first morning lemon post, the topic is the title. I work out at the gym 3 times a week, and need some serious beats to get me through. One of my favorite tracks is “Morning Lemon” by The Chemical Brothers. If you would like to hear a short sample, you can listen on – it’s the 5th track on disc 2. I’d love to know your favorite gym-mix songs, or any songs you like which are lemony!

So if you have any thoughts or facts about “lemon” you would like to share, please leave a comment, or drop me a line at

One thought on “morning lemon (new weekly feature!)

  1. Is it true that lemons are basic and not acidic? I still find that hard to believe!

    Can you marinate meat in lemon without it cooking the meat?

    Have you ever tried growing a lemon tree? Is it hard?

    OK, that’s all I can come up with, LOL. I love lemons too. Can you tell?

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