coupon book giveaway, changes coming

Very soon there will be some major changes to my blog. I can’t wait for you all to see them! Things have been very busy around here, what with working at the trade shows, writing for Torontoist, and general nutritionist duties! Thought you might like this pic of me at the Green Living Show working for The Healthy Shopper again (I’m on the left!)


This time I got to talk to a lot of people about Nut Thins, a nut/rice cracker made by Blue Diamond which is gluten-free. I knew that there were a lot of people suffering with celiac disease, which is when the body cannot digest the proteins in wheat, rye, and barley resulting in a lot of suffering and big changes in lifestyle, but did not realize just how many until I encountered it first hand at the show. It seemed like about 1 in 10 people came by and said “I have celiac disease” or “My brother has celiac disease” or “Our friend has celiac disease.” They were all happy to find another tasty and convenient product that they could actually eat. It felt great to be able to hear their stories and answer their questions. One of my favorite blogs is Gluten-Free Girl, written by Shauna James, who has celiac disease and has finished her first cookbook. Her writing is extremely personal and poignant – I am sure her book is going to be a huge success, and there are obviously plenty of people ready and waiting for more gluten-free recipes. I am planning on doing a story on this subject for Torontoist – stay tuned!

I have saved the best news for last. The Healthy Shopper coupon book is now available in natural food stores, containing over $110.00 in savings on amazing natural and organic products!
healthyshopperbook1.jpgThe only problem is, they can be hard to find, they get grabbed fast leaving none for you, and if you order one online, you have to pay shipping. I will send one of these hot little numbers to the first THREE people (living in Canada) to comment with the top three questions they would ask a nutritionist. The coupons are good across Canada, so if you are outside of Ontario, you still qualify!

Now, go outside, soak up some vitamin D, and enjoy your weekend!

2 thoughts on “coupon book giveaway, changes coming

  1. Hmmm…I probably don’t live near any place that is participating (near Victoria) so you don’t have to send me one (it’s moments like this I miss living in a big city)…

    1. Am I getting enough protein?
    2. If not, how can I get more without it feeling like such a burden…I can only eat so many smoothies
    3. Are there foods that can help my fibromyalgia?

    Awesome question and I can’t wait to see the new changes to your blog Cordelia!

  2. Hi, i just stumbled across your blog after i found your website lemon holistic. I was doing research online about the TO area as i’m thinking of taking the holistic nutritionist course at CSNN. I too just recently starting blogging about my cooking adventures or well the recipes i alter to accomadate my own digestive problems. If i was to ask a nutritionist 3 questions i think it would be these?

    1. I don’t eat enough protein in my diet. I find with having IBS eating too many beans/legumes reeks havac on my digestive system. What other sources of protein would you recommend (besides soy and meat/poultry)?

    2. Also related to IBS, i find if i take iron supplements it causes severe constipation. Is there anything to counter act this?

    3. What are the benefits of organic produce or non-organic?

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

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