morning lemon – everyone knows you need lemon to shift dirt

Happy Victoria Day! In Canada it means a day off from work and an excuse to have BBQ and set off fireworks. Also, Sunday night you can spend having fun, since you’re not getting up for work Monday morning. I don’t watch TV, but have an extensive library of DVDs, including quite a few British comedy shows. Here is a clip from one I was watching last night, which contains the profound quote which is the title of this post:

This is from The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer, and this sketch is called “Slade in Residence”, where they parody the 70s glam-rock band Slade. It’s hard to grasp the hilarity of the sketch with this small clip, but trust me when I say the comedy is genius (and the actors’ representations eerily spot-on).

Back to lemons. Aside from all the internal health benefits of lemons, you can improve the quality of your environment by cleaning with lemons instead of harsh chemical household cleaners. Here is a page with a few tips on how to clean with lemons. The last section on bleaching brought back memories of suntanning in my parents backyard with my radio blasting Prince songs, while I sprayed my hair every half hour or so with a lemon/water concoction, to get that perfect streaky summer mane.

One thought on “morning lemon – everyone knows you need lemon to shift dirt

  1. How perfect for your blog! I have never heard of this show before but that’s a perfect clip for your lemon adoration.

    I’ve been looking for a less-harsh counter cleanser and am shocked they’re hard to find. Vinegar and lemon juice? How simple and brilliant is that?! I’ll do it myself I will instead. Most of the environmental cleansers have oils in them and that makes no sense to me at all!

    I used to put Sun-in in my hair to lighten it, I bet it was just a bottle of lemon juice.

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