morning lemon – get more iron with lemon

lemonkale.jpgThings have been very busy around here, and I haven’t had much time to update this blog, and just realized now, hey, it’s Monday! Yesterday, I put on my first nutrition workshop. It went much longer than I expected, but the attendees seemed to really enjoy it, and there was a lot of interaction. It was about foods to support a fitness routine, and one of the things we touched on was getting iron from vegetarian protein sources, for energy. Vegetarian iron is called “non-heme” and it not as absorbable as “heme” iron which is found in animal products. Dark leafy greens like romaine, spinach and kale are great sources of vegetarian protein, iron, and many other nutrients (B vitamins, calcium, the list goes on). Care needs to be taken when cooking, as the iron can leech out into water if you are blanching/boiling, so either use the water (soup, sauce) or steam your greens, or eat them raw. If you’re eating them raw, a great way to increase the absorption of the iron is to add vitamin C – so salad dressing made with lemon, or simply squeezing lemon juice on cooked greens easy, and tasty! That lemon, it’s just great at everything.

One thought on “morning lemon – get more iron with lemon

  1. I had no idea that lemons helped with iron absorption! That is the coolest.

    I sometimes like to fry spinach up with a little garlic in olive oil and add feta, talk about an iron booster.

    Way to go on the workshop, sounds like it was a great success! I’m not at all surprised, I knew you would do great!

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