morning lemon – it’s still monday

lemonade.jpgBusy busy busy is the mode I am in at the moment, and just barely made it in under the wire with this monday evening lemon post. I will be on hiatus from this blog until June 25 while I am resting, eating, and playing in the UK for two weeks. Also, the changes to this blog I referred to a while back should be appearing in July or August.

On to the lemon. To me there is nothing quite like the thirst-quenching power of lemonade on a summer’s day. Wanted to share a timely bit of trivia with you about lemonade – if I order lemonade in a restaurant today, and then I order it next week, I will get two different drinks. Why? Because in North America, lemonade is what we know as a flat drink comprised of lemon juice, sugar and water. In the UK, when you say lemonade, they know it as a fizzy lemon drink, a lemon soda if you will. To me, it’s all good. As long as it’s lemon, I can take the flat or fizzy version just fine.

Often the problem with commercially available lemonade is that there is too much sugar. I like my lemonade to have quite a tart bite, plus we could all use less sugar in our diet. There is one lemonade now on the market which is quite a good choice, and it is appropriately called pucker up. It was created by a Canadian caterer based on his Grandmother’s recipe. If you are out and about and you want a drink, and are temporarily bored of water (hey we all want a little variety) it can be hard to find a drink which isn’t laden with sugar, artificial colours and other nasty additives. Next time you are in a Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws, or other fine retailer, keep an eye out for this lemonade, which beats carrying your own pitcher of homemade lemonade around with you.

See you again June 25 – be healthy and have fun!

2 thoughts on “morning lemon – it’s still monday

  1. I will totally check out that brand of lemonade, it’s so wonderful to read a post that refers to stores that I know, LOL.

    I agree, most commercial lemonades are too sweet. I made my own last summer, a lot of work for something I drank so quickly but it was delicious! I recently saw an episode of Ricardo where he added rhubarb juice to it to give it a pink colour, I loved that!

    Have fun in the UK, I will miss you.

  2. Hey Suzie –

    Love the rhubarb idea, I will have to look into that, as pink lemonade is truly the ultimate.
    I’ll miss you too, and I may try to sneak in a post while I am in the UK, but I can’t commit to anything! 🙂

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