morning lemon – lemongrass is where it’s at


Hello and thank you for checking back in today! I had an amazing 2 weeks in Northern Ireland, but it is good to be back, and I am ready to get back to normal nutritionisty life – well almost.

One of the highlights of my trip was dining at a wonderful Asian restaurant in Belfast called Fat Buddha, where I had some of the best pad thai ever. As I was reminiscing about this meal, I started to think about thai food and the use of lemongrass. Anyone who has eaten thai food more than once probably recognizes the pungent citrusy taste and aroma of lemongrass. According to, lemongrass is rich in a substance called citral, the active ingredient in lemon peel. Citral is said to aid in digestion as well as relieve spasms, muscle cramps, rheumatism and headaches.

The more you find out about specific foods, the more obvious it becomes that the rewards of eating a wide variety are great – both tastewise and healthwise!

One thought on “morning lemon – lemongrass is where it’s at

  1. Welcome home Cordelia! I am so happy your back online and hope you had a fantastic time on your trip.

    When I took my cooking class, the chef said to smack the lemon grass with the back of a knife to release the scent and flavour before using it for marinating. He also said you could just put the lemon grass into a pot of soil and it would continue to grow. Isn’t food amazing?

    I love pad thai, it’s one of my favourite meals in the whole wide world.

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