sunshiney breakfast

banpinesmoothie1.jpgI felt like having a smoothie today, and in my kitchen I had banana, pineapple chunks, and vanilla yogurt (I’m all about local fruit, but the strawbs are gone, and I haven’t been to the market this week yet for the new stars-raspberries and blueberries!) Less than 10 minutes later, I had a fresh, fruity smoothie, the perfect partner to a slice of whole grain toast. This breakfast gives you protein, potassium, complex carbs and a couple of your fruit servings, not to mention fun, energy, digestive enzymes, heart disease prevention, and happiness. Plain yogurt would work fine, as would soy, rice or cow’s milk. You could add flaxseeds or oats for fibre. A splash of coconut milk would be yummy. The possibilities are endless – open your fridge and raid your cupboard!

Update: forgot to mention, for those of you who receive my newsletter, you would have seen a recipe for another favorite, and more daring smoothie of mine, the kale-banana smoothie! People really respond to this one (either by thinking I’m crazy, or by jumping right on that bright green bandwagon), including my friend Mary Luz at who has included the recipe in an article she did recently about kale. And she also gives a mention to one of my other favorite things, Camros Organic Eatery. Thanks Mary Luz!

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4 thoughts on “sunshiney breakfast

  1. Kale in a smoothie does sound out there even for me but I trust you! I love smoothies and live on them during the summer. I start off my day with an instant breakfast that I have with soy milk, I have a very hard time getting protein into my diet and I don’t like ating in the morning. It’s lighter than a smoothie but probably not as healthy but it holds me for hours while I hike and do yoga.

    I make that smoothies (vanilla, pineapple and banana) all the time! Great minds…

  2. Thanks Carmen! I really love to bake too, but try to keep it to an acceptable amount – I only have so many friends I can give my treats away too, or else I’d have to eat them all myself! I love having fun with smoothies, and they are so great because you can put anything in them.

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