morning lemon – lemon inspiration

fooddrink.jpgOne of my favorite places to look for inspiration when it comes to recipes is the LCBO Food & Drink magazine. Many of you may be familiar with it – it comes out 6 times a year, and the Christmas issue tends to be so popular, that I frequently find myself hunting down my copy by hitting LCBOs which are definitely not in my neighborhood.
These babies get snatched pretty quick, and it is no surprise – the photography is stunning, and the recipes modern, timely and fairly health-conscious. The latest issue (summer 2007) has lots of great ideas including easy salad dressings, a whole section dedicated to limes, and lo and behold – stone fruit trifle with lemon balm cream in a no-cook dinner section. Talk about timely, since I just bought my lemon balm plant 2 weeks ago! I am definitely inspired now.

3 peaches
3 apricots
2 black plums
1 tbsp anisette or pernod to taste (something non-alcoholic would be fine)
1/4 cup sugar
1 cup mascarpone
1/4 cup yogurt
2 tbsp chopped lemon balm (or lemon verbena, or 2 tsp lemon rind)
garnish – sprigs lemon balm, lemon verbena, or mint

– Peel peaches, remove pits and slice into bowl. Pit and slice apricots and plums
and add to bowl. Toss fruit with anisette and 2 tbsp sugar.

– Whip mascarpone and yogurt together with lemon balm and remaining
2 tbsp sugar. Layer fruit in a glass bowl or individual wine glasses and top
with cream. Garnish with a sprig of lemon balm. Serves 4.

(Food & Drink summer 2007, pg. 60)

I think adding a little crunch to this might be nice – toasted almonds or other nuts? What do you think?

If any of you have a lemon balm recipe, I’d love to hear about it. I am on a lemon balm mission!
PS: Sacred Suzie gave me a great lemon balm tip: it can also soothe upset tummies for those who cannot stomach fennel tea! Thanks Suzie!

2 thoughts on “morning lemon – lemon inspiration

  1. You are very welcome Cordelia! 🙂 It’s so great to see this recipe and give you some inspiration for working with your lemon balm. Excellent recipe! I so wish I lived near the LCBO. I never drink alcohol but I would love to cook and bake with it. Hope you’re doing well Cordelia.

  2. I also like the LCBO’s Food & Drink. What is not to like since it contains recipe ideas and it’s free. I do wish they would not put them in those unecessary plastic bags (at least the ones at my LCBO are in bags).

    A good use for lemon balm is in tabbouleh, you can substitue it in place of the mint, or keep some the mint and use lemon balm, mint, and parsley.

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