morning lemon – feeling sick? take a sniff.

809442_dog_nose.jpgSo I have been waiting to post this topic for weeks, but I couldn’t until now. I have recently found out that among all the other amazing qualities of the lemon, it is also effective in reducing nausea. Feeling queasy? Just the scent of a cut lemon may be enough to calm those butterflies. Personally, I found that the scent helped, but lemon water was even better. You see, I have been nauseas off and on for about the last 3 months. You probably know that there really is only one explanation for that prolonged a period of nausea – yes, I’m pregnant!

Nutrition is obviously a very important topic for me personally right now, and I will share tips, recipes, and experiences related to pregnancy that I accumulate on this fascinating 9 month journey. I can say that I have already experienced moments where I just needed to eat, no matter what was around, which reinforced the importance of balance to me. Sure, we can do our best 80% of the time, but I don’t want to worry about the 20%. Worrying = stress and that is even more detrimental to health than an extra teaspoon of sugar.

So here’s a question – for anyone out there who has been pregnant, what did you do to calm the nausea? I have tried ginger, and it worked for awhile, but then I just didn’t want it. Sometimes just eating anything helps, and recently cold fruit has been good. I’d love to hear your experience and advice!

3 thoughts on “morning lemon – feeling sick? take a sniff.

  1. congrats on your pregnancy.

    i have no tips. but i’m going to test your theory on lemon for nausea because i’ve been experiencing my own stomach upsets lately.

  2. Congrats! I have a 18 month old and am 26 weeks pregnant with my second. My morning sickness this time was FAR worse, I even had to cancel a trip to Hawaii. The only things that helped was 1) eating – make sure to never have an empty stomach and what whatever appeals to you (it was grilled cheese sandwichs for me) and 2) time – it finally got better. It is really such a miserable experience, I hope you are almost past it. I’ll check back soon to see how you are doing.

  3. Thanks both of you!

    w – let me know if you tried the lemon!

    Molly – I have had a few grilled cheese sandwiches myself! Have been having quite a bit of cheese actually. I am at 16 weeks now, and the nausea seems to have passed. Good luck with your remaining weeks! Would love to hear from you again!

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