bake up a little comfort

cookiecomfort.jpgBrrr… I definitely felt winter in the air this morning. This weekend, why not bake up a batch of comfort food (you don’ t have to eat it all yourself – people love to get homebaked gifts!) The other day I finally got around to trying a recipe from the monthly cooking club, mainly because October’s recipe was something that I just could not resist – chocolate chip cookies. It is Anna Olson’s recipe, and I have to say, it is outstanding. Anna adds cornstarch to the recipe to make them chewy, but since I am sensitive to corn, I used arrowroot instead, and they turned out perfectly. I also used half whole wheat pastry flour, and dark chocolate chips. Other than that, I did follow the recipe, but next time will cut down the sugar, and try replacing some of the fat with applesauce (this first batch was to welcome my husband home from an overseas trip, and I wanted to treat him to the full effect of the fat and sugar this time). I bet this recipe would also work well with other flours (spelt, rice, amaranth).

If you like to try new recipes, you should check out the cooking club. There are savory and sweet recipes, and it’s fun to see how everyone else’s attempts turn out. Also, there is always the chance you may win a cookbook – that’s definitely motivation enough for me!

2 thoughts on “bake up a little comfort

  1. Did you see they’re doing Jamie Oliver’s pumpkin soup recipe this month? I think I’ll give it a shot, it looks good.

    I made those cookies about a year ago and didn’t like them, bummer. I wonder what I did wrong. Normally Anna’s recipes are fool proof, except for this fool I guess!

  2. Hi Suzie!
    Ya saw the soup recipe – am going to try it too :).
    It’s weird about the cookies – sometimes it happens for some reason. But when I made the dough I could tell from the consistency they were going to be good. Maybe you could try them again?

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