type 2 diabetes – me?

oatmeal.jpgSo far, my pregnancy has been relatively free of challenges. I had very little morning sickness, have not had a lot of headaches, pain, or any other irritations or complications. Last week I went for a standard Glucose Challenge Test, and my result came back one value above “normal”. This Monday, I am going for a 3-hour Glucose Tolerance Test, to see if I possibly have Gestational Diabetes – which is not necessarily a very bad thing for the pregnancy, but can be a predictor of my chance of developing type 2 diabetes later in life.

WOW. This really kind of came at me out of left field. Here I am, a nutritionist, who learned all about these tests, and diets to manage blood glucose, but never imagined that I would be the one living it. I am hoping that my values come back normal on Monday, but at least I feel I am armed with my knowledge to make changes that I need to if I am predisposed. It truly goes to show that sometimes, you think you are doing (mostly) all the right things, but there can always be other factors at play. And also – no one is perfect, no one is completely immune to issues.

If nothing else, I felt a bit of a kick in the pants to take a bit of a closer look at my diet of recent days, hence the oatmeal breakfast pictured above. Oatmeal with apples and raisins and cinnamon – which is pretty good as far as glycemic index goes (foods with low-medium G.I. values are what people prone to high blood glucose issues need to focus on) – and the cinnamon has been shown to be helpful in managing blood glucose levels. And of course, it tastes great, and was relatively quick to make – what have I got to lose by taking those extra 10 minutes?

3 thoughts on “type 2 diabetes – me?

  1. I hope you’re not being too hard on yourself, no matter who you are eating healthy is a challenge in today’s psycho fast-pace environment. I put cinnamon in everything! I’ve always known that it is important to eat, for the body and the spirit. That is just the coolest it helps with blood sugar levels, perfect for baked goods, LOL.

  2. Cordelia,

    I understand your concern, with two of my three pregnancies I initially tested positive as well. It turned out to be a false positive but this encouraged me just like you to watch what I was eating. I want to encourage you to enjoy the process and not to borrow sorry from tomorrow. It goes by so fast and their are way too many joy stealers. This is a special time for you and I believe God has His hand upon you and your baby.

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