morning lemon – a soothing natural cold remedy

honeylemondrink.jpgWhen I was young and had a cold, my Mom would fix me a simple drink of lemon, honey and hot water. Like always, Moms know best – why reach for something like NeoCitran which contains some nasty non-medicinal ingredients (here’s a little sample: D&C yellow No. 10, FD&C yellow No. 6, flavours) when all you may need is a vitamin C blast from the lemon, and some antibacterial goodness and energy from the honey to get you feeling better. Plus, it’s really the warm steamy liquid itself that goes a long way in soothing your body and soul.

What could be easier:
– slice up some lemon, squeeze and throw slices into cup
– add a generous squeeze of honey
– add just before boiled water and stir
– enjoy!


product newsflash – naturally coloured candy canes

candycanes.jpgI have to interrupt the silence of December views to let you know about a great product – naturally coloured and flavoured candy canes made by Pure Fun, who have made an appearance on this blog before. I took a special trip to Whole Foods the other day, and was rewarded when I turned the corner into the salad bar section and saw a huge display of these beauties. I was so excited to try them – they taste great. It’s so nice to know you can eat something fun and sweet this time of year and not worry about the artificial colouring. And the price is not bad – $2.99 for a pack of 12 is definitely worth it to me. So I thought I’d share this photo of cupcakes I made for our neighbours using the candy canes as a topping on peppermint frosting. Unfortunately I did not get to taste one of these lovelies this time around, but have been told they were yummy!


december views – more than words can say…

Through my good friend Suzie’s blog, I found out about a December blog project to just post pictures, and take a break from the writing (if you have a blog and want to participate, you can let daisies know). I like this idea – especially since I work from home and am very pregnant, it gives me motivation to get my butt off my office chair and do something creative every day. Some of my pics will be food, but not all – as a holistic person, I believe everything that is going on in your life is important to your complete state of health, so my pictures will reflect that idea. I thought I would start off with something that is a given each day for me – my cat demanding cuddles in my office. As you can see, working from home and being pregnant add up to not getting properly dressed before noon. So after today, expect pics, and less words. Let’s enjoy the silence…


morning lemon – lemon tomato?

yellowtomato.jpgWhen I was at the
St. Lawrence Farmer’s Market Saturday, I just couldn’t resist the lure of this bright sunny tomato. I’ve seen yellow tomatoes around, but never tried any. We asked the vendor what the difference was in taste from a red tomato, and he said they were milder, and people who have trouble digesting raw red tomatoes would find these easier to eat. Hallelujah! I have tummy trouble with raw tomatoes – cooked is usually not an issue. So I was eager to try these yellow gems. They are a bit more mealy textured, but this actually helps in some recipes, like salads, so the pieces are more firm and not falling apart. The colour definitely brightens up any dish.
So what’s the lemon connection besides being yellow? There are several varieties of yellow tomatoes with lemon in the name – lemon boy and lemon drops are two I have seen while googling.
Do you have a favorite “lemon” variety of yellow tomato, or a favorite way to use yellow tomatoes? Please share!