morning lemon – a soothing natural cold remedy

honeylemondrink.jpgWhen I was young and had a cold, my Mom would fix me a simple drink of lemon, honey and hot water. Like always, Moms know best – why reach for something like NeoCitran which contains some nasty non-medicinal ingredients (here’s a little sample: D&C yellow No. 10, FD&C yellow No. 6, flavours) when all you may need is a vitamin C blast from the lemon, and some antibacterial goodness and energy from the honey to get you feeling better. Plus, it’s really the warm steamy liquid itself that goes a long way in soothing your body and soul.

What could be easier:
– slice up some lemon, squeeze and throw slices into cup
– add a generous squeeze of honey
– add just before boiled water and stir
– enjoy!

6 thoughts on “morning lemon – a soothing natural cold remedy

  1. Yes. I had have a schet of Neo CItran once in grade 9. It knocked me out cold for 10 hours, starting at 2pm. Never did that again. That was about the sum total of my youthful “experiments with drugs” too, heh. I am hardcore.

    I like grated ginger in my lemon water if I have a sore throat, because it tingles.

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