a pregnant girl’s breakfast treat

Multigrain bagel toasted, spread with almond butter and a bit of nutella swirled in, generously sprinkled with ground flaxseeds. It’s all good.



be like the squirrel, girl

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – Monday mornings are in dire need of some really good music. One of my favorite bands is The White Stripes, and I have become completely obsessed with their song Little Acorns. It’s one of those things where all the elements are absolutely perfect to me. I love the garage-band sound, and I think it’s totally awesome that they sing about a squirrel. But the icing on the cake is the words of wisdom in the speech at the beginning of the song:

When problems overwhelm us and sadness smothers us,
where do we find the will and the courage to continue?
Well the answer may come in the caring voice of a friend,
a chance encounter with a book, or from a personal faith.

For Janet, help came from her faith, but it also came from a squirrel.

Shortly after her divorce Janet lost her father, then she lost her job.
She had mounting money problems but Janet not only survived,
she worked her way out of dispondency and now she says life is good again.

How could this happen?

She told me that late one autumn day when she was at her lowest,
she watched a squirrel storing up nuts for the winter. One at a time
he would take them to the nest, and she thought if that squirrel
can take care of himself with the harsh winter coming on, so can I.

Once I broke my problems into small pieces I was able to carry them,
just like those acorns, one at a time…

Thank heavens for great music.

(sorry, no video, only sound!)