morning lemon – easy peasy green tea lemonade

Another successful copycat beverage – green tea lemonade. The natural foods store around the corner from me is having an awesome sale on Santa Cruz lemonade (regular and raspberry which is highly addictive) $1.99 a bottle – you should check your local natural store!

I brewed up green tea (I like Yogi brand) – 2 tea bags in approx 2 cups just-before-boiling water – and put into an empty lemonade bottle, which filled it up about halfway. I topped it up with lemonade, gave it a good shake and popped it in the fridge. A bit later over ice it was perfect.

One thought on “morning lemon – easy peasy green tea lemonade

  1. Oh I would love to try this! Sadly, the caffeine in green tea is a problem for me. I tried to decaf kind but sensed the positive energy in there was gone by the process.

    Thanks for the response to the soy question. I will check again at the alternative health part of our store. The Maritimes is the more obese and unhealthy area of Canada, not a lot of resources for a health nut at all. I was just so happy they had my soy! Doh!

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