no more mayo

avocadoFor a long time, I thought about using avocado in tuna salad (for the every once in a while that we have tuna), then happened to see a friend’s post on facebook doing this very thing. So I thought, ok, enough is enough, just do it. You see, having a 5 year old child who is a good eater is a blessing, which also took hard work on my part, but sometimes you’re just not sure how far you can push them. But I made it, and he ate it. Just like the egg salad I made with avocado. So now I can finally say, I refuse to buy another jar of mayonnaise just to use 1/4 of the jar, feel bad about it, then end up disposing of the almost full jar after it sits unused in the fridge for a year. I’ll just use nature’s fat instead, thank you.


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