get on that D train

We woke up to snow this morning, so in my mind it’s winter. Although I love ice skating, sledding and even a good old fashioned snowball fight, I don’t love the sniffles, sneezes and restless nights with stuffy noses. Vitamin C can help, sure, but we eat a pretty balanced diet with lots of fruit and veg so I do not spend my money on this supplement. I only use one supplement in the winter: Vitamin D.

The bright sun on a winter’s day is beautiful and uplifting, but it’s not going to help you in the Vitamin D department. As I recently found out at a symposium, if the UV index is less than 3, and your shadow is taller than you, you’re not going to make Vitamin D from that sun. So in Canada, that means autumn and winter is time for supplementation. Chances are you aren’t getting enough vitamin D from your diet, unless you are guzzling cod liver oil and gorging on wild salmon every day. So, you need to supplement, but why? The bottom line is the closer you are to optimal Vitamin D levels in your body, the less risk of multiple diseases (we’re talking schizophrenia, cancer, big stuff), and things just work much better. Vitamin D unlocks the DNA library for cells to make the equipment they need to fix things. It’s important.

To read more about Vitamin D and the amazing statistics you can visit Grass Roots Health and The Sunlight Institute.


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