december views – everythings gone green




Bonus pic: shocking green smoothie!
green4.jpg recipe: two bananas, 1 cup vanilla almond milk, two handfuls chopped up kale, tablespoon flaxseed, squeeze of honey – whiz it up!


december views – more than words can say…

Through my good friend Suzie’s blog, I found out about a December blog project to just post pictures, and take a break from the writing (if you have a blog and want to participate, you can let daisies know). I like this idea – especially since I work from home and am very pregnant, it gives me motivation to get my butt off my office chair and do something creative every day. Some of my pics will be food, but not all – as a holistic person, I believe everything that is going on in your life is important to your complete state of health, so my pictures will reflect that idea. I thought I would start off with something that is a given each day for me – my cat demanding cuddles in my office. As you can see, working from home and being pregnant add up to not getting properly dressed before noon. So after today, expect pics, and less words. Let’s enjoy the silence…