why did I wait so long…

It is funny how life works. I have been on LinkedIN (yet another online networking community, mostly corporate professionals) for awhile, and never expected to get much out of it, although I am connected to a few people. Out of the blue, I got a request to connect from Trina Hoadley-Seaforth, who owns Seaforth Martial Arts Centre (SMAC) with her husband Gregory, who found me through a mutual friend, saying she was interested in referring clients to a Nutritionist. Well now, it seems the system can work – and a special thanks to Jill Murray who was the “friend in the middle”.

Trina invited me to a free event that SMAC was doing, a kind of martial arts fitness bootcamp for their friends, to give back, and raise awareness. In the past, to go to an event and be exposed to people I did not know, and be doing probably “embarrassing” things like kicking and punching and grunting would have been out of the question, but the new me was raring to go, especially since I have always been interested in martial arts.

fit-friends-of-smac-005-small.JPG This is me with BOB – SMAC’s body opponent bag, whom we were all asked to pose with. Trina and Gregory are great people, extremely friendly and talented. I was so impressed with the workout, and it was designed for you not only to sweat like crazy, but also have a ton of fun. We got to learn some basic moves like punching, ducking, kneeing, kicking, and the best for last – breaking a board. The fact that they added in the board breaking as a mental exercise in overcoming obstacles was great. After all martial arts is about the body and the mind, as well as the soul, and I felt that I had a complete workout of all three. Afterwards, I felt amazing!

fit-friends-of-smac-025-small.JPGHere I am kneeing Trevor, who took quite a beating from us. He never faltered through all that grabbing, pulling and kneeing – thanks Trevor!

SMAC is currently offering corporate bootcamps, private lessons, as well as a children’s program for 3-7 year olds called lil’ dragons, and also do children’s birthday parties.

I highly recommend checking out Seaforth Martial Arts Centre if you, your company or your child is interested in martial arts. It is a fun and intense form of fitness which goes hand in hand with nutrition for achieving improved health of your body, mind and soul.