full circle

Honestly I don’t even know how to start this post, I have so much to say, so here it goes.

First of all, I wanted to explain the slightly cheesy and rushed style of the last few posts. I have not been updating this blog regularly since my son was born, which is when I took a break from nutrition consulting. I threw up a few posts quickly last week in case I got an influx of people visiting the blog, because there was a slight chance I would have my info in print in a newspaper. But that did not come about, yet.

My son will be starting full-day school next year, so it’s time for me to refocus, and plan what I will be doing. Starting my nutrition practice was exciting, eventful, and was proving to be popular and successful, and then I got pregnant. I am blessed that I was able to stay at home with my son until now, and I would not change a thing. But I am also nervous, excited and hopeful about stepping back into a separate role from “Mom”.

As a holistic nutritionist, and holistically-minded person, many things influence my well-being and balance. One of the biggest factors for me is music. I have made this a central factor in my son’s development, and the benefits and potential for great things in his life are already showing. Music is definitely a form of nutrition for the soul and mind. Melodies, beats, passion can shift your mood, focus your mind, and give you insane amounts of motivation. For instance, switching the radio on while washing the dishes. It works, right? 🙂 Over the past few days, I have had some sort of musical rebirth. I have become nostalgic, remembered my roots, embraced my gifts and just let loose and let music dominate my days in a way I have not done for a LONG time. It feels so good. It has inspired me and motivated me. I am ecstatic about this turn of events.

I had a feature on this blog called morning lemon, and a few times I posted songs. The first morning lemon post way back on April 30, 2007 included this:

Today my son and I were playing song roulette and I saw this, and had to play it. Lately my friends have become obsessed with lemon water, another thing I wrote about and talked about frequently as a nutritionist. Just the other day I told someone I was not going to use Lemon Holistic as my business name anymore. I try to pay attention to the signs and go with my gut and now I am thinking Lemon Holistic may not be going away just yet.

Thanks for reading, and if you followed me before, I appreciate you returning for another look. If you are a new reader, welcome and I hope you check in once in a while.

Who knows what the future holds…


morning lemon – easy peasy green tea lemonade

Another successful copycat beverage – green tea lemonade. The natural foods store around the corner from me is having an awesome sale on Santa Cruz lemonade (regular and raspberry which is highly addictive) $1.99 a bottle – you should check your local natural store!

I brewed up green tea (I like Yogi brand) – 2 tea bags in approx 2 cups just-before-boiling water – and put into an empty lemonade bottle, which filled it up about halfway. I topped it up with lemonade, gave it a good shake and popped it in the fridge. A bit later over ice it was perfect.

morning lemon – a soothing natural cold remedy

honeylemondrink.jpgWhen I was young and had a cold, my Mom would fix me a simple drink of lemon, honey and hot water. Like always, Moms know best – why reach for something like NeoCitran which contains some nasty non-medicinal ingredients (here’s a little sample: D&C yellow No. 10, FD&C yellow No. 6, flavours) when all you may need is a vitamin C blast from the lemon, and some antibacterial goodness and energy from the honey to get you feeling better. Plus, it’s really the warm steamy liquid itself that goes a long way in soothing your body and soul.

What could be easier:
– slice up some lemon, squeeze and throw slices into cup
– add a generous squeeze of honey
– add just before boiled water and stir
– enjoy!

morning lemon – lemon tomato?

yellowtomato.jpgWhen I was at the
St. Lawrence Farmer’s Market Saturday, I just couldn’t resist the lure of this bright sunny tomato. I’ve seen yellow tomatoes around, but never tried any. We asked the vendor what the difference was in taste from a red tomato, and he said they were milder, and people who have trouble digesting raw red tomatoes would find these easier to eat. Hallelujah! I have tummy trouble with raw tomatoes – cooked is usually not an issue. So I was eager to try these yellow gems. They are a bit more mealy textured, but this actually helps in some recipes, like salads, so the pieces are more firm and not falling apart. The colour definitely brightens up any dish.
So what’s the lemon connection besides being yellow? There are several varieties of yellow tomatoes with lemon in the name – lemon boy and lemon drops are two I have seen while googling.
Do you have a favorite “lemon” variety of yellow tomato, or a favorite way to use yellow tomatoes? Please share!

morning lemon – sweet sparkles

lemonadelabel1.jpgSo, being pregnant, I have a bit of an exaggerated sweet tooth. I try to keep it in check as best I can, but I figure, hey – I may only get this chance once so I might as well indulge a bit! Of course, even though I want something sweet, it doesn’t mean I want something loaded with high fructose corn syrup and artificial additives. At one of my favorite stores down the street Farmer’s Daughter, I often peek at/covet the elegant bottles of french lemonade. So the other day I thought – today’s the day I’m just going to let myself have one. There is good reason why I don’t indulge in these bottles more often, and it has nothing to do with the ingredients – it’s the price. The bottle I picked up was $7.25 (yikes) so if you ever see them anywhere for less than that, you’re getting a deal.

lemonadelabel2.jpgA short ingredient list – that’s what I love. Especially in these lemonades (I got the classic “french” style which is clear, but there is also a more lemony one, and pink, plus a few other interesting drinks in their product line) when all you’re looking at is carbonated water, beet sugar (as opposed to cane sugar) citric acid, and lemon aroma (which I’m assuming is from some sort of herb – maybe lemon balm?) The pink lemonade is coloured with elderberry concentrate – nice. As it clearly states on the bottle “contains no juice” – so it’s not a nutritional drink, it’s a treat. But a treat you can feel pretty good about instead of having a soda. I’m sure they would make a great mixer for alcoholic drinks at parties as well – I’ll have to get back to you about that sometime next year…

morning lemon – lemon beagles

So I googled “lemon” today to see if I came up with any inspiration for a post, and found to my surprise “lemon and white” beagles. This is the name of a type of beagle which is coloured white and light beige, and apparently the true pure-bred kind is hard to find. I searched for a good photo, and found The Daily Puppy, which features puppy photos, including these very cute ones of a lemon and white beagle. Thought you might enjoy a bit of warm fuzzy on this cold and crisp Monday!

morning lemon – vanilla lemon cupcake

vanillalemon.jpgThis is the last remaining cupcake after I filled my first official cupcake order yesterday. It’s a vanilla cupcake with lemon buttercream frosting. I made sure to use an organic lemon, as I used the zest as well as the juice. Non-organic lemons will likely contain pesticide residue in their peel, so organic is the way to go if you’re zesting (organic means pesticide-free, but nothing in life is 100% – we do our best). And organic lemons are not that much more expensive, which is great.

Soon this cupcake will be gone (into someone’s tummy), so I thought I would give it a last shining moment as today’s morning lemon.