cranberry breakfast

crancheesebreak.jpg I hope all my Canadian friends had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend! Looking for a way to use up some of that leftover cranberry sauce (aside from making turkey, stuffing and cranberry sandwiches – yum)? Why not try a breakfast of wholegrain bread topped with light cream cheese and cranberry sauce. Even better, you could swirl the cheese and cranberry sauce together, then spread it on. Who doesn’t want cranberry “cheesecake” for breakfast?

I bet you have some more cranberry-use-up ideas – let me know and I can post them here as a helpful list. Plenty of time to also give people in the US some ideas for their upcoming Thanksgiving in November!


morning lemon – vanilla lemon cupcake

vanillalemon.jpgThis is the last remaining cupcake after I filled my first official cupcake order yesterday. It’s a vanilla cupcake with lemon buttercream frosting. I made sure to use an organic lemon, as I used the zest as well as the juice. Non-organic lemons will likely contain pesticide residue in their peel, so organic is the way to go if you’re zesting (organic means pesticide-free, but nothing in life is 100% – we do our best). And organic lemons are not that much more expensive, which is great.

Soon this cupcake will be gone (into someone’s tummy), so I thought I would give it a last shining moment as today’s morning lemon.

reusable bags are great, if you reuse them

jutebag.jpgThere has been a surge in popularity of the eco-friendly shopping bag here in Toronto. Everyone got a free Loblaws bag at the Green Living Show, and virtually every grocery store in Toronto has their own style of reusable bag for you to buy (some of the bags are trés chic, so you don’t even have to give up style to get in on the trend – this one will be available at Holt Renfrew June 20). This is a great way to get everyone in the spirit of cutting down on plastic . But as Susan Sampson at the Toronto Star pointed out today, there is one little issue: forgetting to take the bag with you to the store.

Sure, the bags are cute, and sure you totally want one because everyone is doing it, but then you go for your weekly shopping and boom – your habits are hard to break, so you forgot your funky new bag, again. I am not ashamed to say, this has happened to me on more than one occasion, and I have several of these bags including a super-special you-know-you-want-it natural jute bag from Sainsbury’s in the UK (pictured above), which was a gift from my sister-in-law. Recently, I have been telling myself I have to come up with a way to not forget this bag, so here are 2 suggestions (for you, and me) to remember to tote our hot new accessories:

1. Keep one in your car at all times – this way, even if you left the house without one, there is one in the car when you arrive at the store. Now, forgetting to take the bag out of the car? That’s another story…

2. Hang one by your back door, or door you most often leave the house from – this way even if you don’t drive, you have the visual cue of the bag when you are going out.

Now, this is only what I came up with so far, which I know will work for me. If you have any ideas, or ways you are already reminding yourself to take the bag, please share! It would be awesome to put together a big list, so we can all make sure we are truly reducing plastic, not just collecting pretty trendy things!

Special thanks to Alison on this post :).