top 5 reasons to see a nutritionist

There has been a lot of “top 5” lists making the rounds recently, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon.

781482_grapefruit_-_pomelo_21.jpg Nutritionists are trained professionals skilled in developing unique, customized programs including foods, supplements and lifestyle modifications that will allow you to reach your specific health goals. We provide the education and motivation required to get you on the path to your optimal state of health.
The following are my top 5 reasons which should prompt you to see a nutritionist:

1. Prevention – this is the nutritionist’s best case scenario. Many people have genetic weaknesses and family histories of cancer, heart disease and other major illnesses. By taking control of the factors you can change including diet and lifestyle, you have a chance of beating the odds. Investing in your health today will pay off with a happy, healthy future.

2. Support your body during illness – when diagnosed with an illness, all contributing factors must be assessed in order to effectively manage and/or reverse the progression. What you eat and how you live is going to have a direct effect on your body’s ability to fight and recover.

3. Lose weight effectively – being overweight puts you at a higher risk of developing serious conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. In order to lose weight properly and keep it off, more than just a “diet” is involved – a whole change in lifestyle is required, and those changes must be tailored to your unique physical, mental and emotional makeup.

4. Maximize the benefits from your fitness routine – being active and building muscle is half the battle – without the right foods going into your body, plus proper rest and relaxation for recovery, you will not reach your optimal state of health. Why put all the effort into challenging your body physically, if you are not going to do everything you can to ensure health from the inside?

5. Increase your energy and sense of well-being – sometimes we get in a rut, and our work and family life suffers. Finding out what you may be doing wrong, and incorporating positive health-promoting changes can help you live the life you crave. Eat well, feel well, and look great – people notice when you are radiating health, and it will boost your confidence and energize you!

I would love to hear from you: have you seen a nutritionist? Have you thought about it? Do you fit into my top 5?